Aftab Khan


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Work Experience

Google Inc.

Associate Product Manager (APM) Intern (Google Search)

Responsible for user re-engagement. Performed internal and competitive market analysis, developed product strategy, solution specs & requirements, UI mockups, managed prototype development, & set groundwork for production launch.

Google Inc.

Software Engineering Intern (Google Research, HCI Group)

Created Android app for co-browsing between relevant collocated devices, using App Engine server backend & Cloud Messaging (GCM). Assisted in developing device discovery service API specs. Developed UI mockups, prototypes.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory

Summer Intern

Designed and created network-enabled laboratory test bench software using LabVIEW and script language translator using C and Python. Assisted in parts/materials logistics management and technical procedure/report development.

Columbia University / Barnard College

Research Assistant (Physics Department)

Assisted in developing an audio/video simulator for binary black hole collisions in Mathematica with Dr. Janna Levin

Columbia University Tutoring and Translating Agency (CUTTA)

Academic Tutor

Tutored New York City middle/high school & undergraduate students in Computer Science, Physics, Math, & English

GROUP Business Software Inc. (GBS)

Software Development Intern

Performance tuned SQL database query algorithms, scalability, and structural design for business analytics software, using Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Developed test bench applications in Java (with automated XML & HTML reporting).

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Physics Laboratory Technician

Assisted in developing increased efficiency x-ray telescope mirrors for use on the International X-ray Observatory. Designed & programmed electrical laboratory equipment and software systems using LabVIEW and C.


Product & Project Management

Product strategy development & implementation, metrics analysis, UI/UX design & prototyping, product requirements & roadmap development, white-paper development, cross-product area coordination, Agile & Waterfall project management

Computer Science

Application software development for desktop (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux), mobile (Android), & web. Systems software development, networking, programming language/compiler design, & OS programming. Object-oriented & functional programming. Data structures, algorithms analysis, memory management & debugging, parallelism & synchronization.

Programming Languages

Java, C/C++, Python, OCaml, HTML, CSS, (T-)SQL, Assembly, Lisp/Scheme, XML, XSL/XSLT, LabVIEW, Mathematica, MATLAB

Computing Software / Technologies

JIRA, Eclipse IDE (Java, C/C++, Android, App Engine), Android (Google Play Services, GCM, Account authorization, Location API, SDK tools, SQLite), Google App Engine, Git/Subversion/Perforce, MS SQL Server, GNU tools (make, Vim, Valgrind, etc), bash scripting, VMware/VirtualBox, Wireshark, Bootstrap, FFmpeg, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office


Columbia University

Double major in Computer Science (Software Systems track) and Physics. Expected date of graduation: Feb. 2015.

Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute


As a Columbia University student, I offer in-home tutoring services within the Manhattan borough of New York City, or online in other areas.

I have tutored for more than five years both independently and professionally with the Columbia Tutoring and Translating Agency (CUTTA), working one-on-one with over 20 clients, from elementary school to university, in subjects including Physics, Math, Chemistry, English, Computer Science, Project Management, Essay Correction, and standardized test prep.

For more information or to get started, please send me a message here or via the button at the lower right of the screen.


"We have great news! [Our daughter] just got her grades back, and Math is now her best subject! We're very pleased with everything you've done." —Parent of NYC Independent School student, November 2012
"Thanks, Aftab. [Our child] will remember you as one of his best teachers and someone who really came through for him when the chips were down. You helped renew his confidence about mastering tough challenges." —Parent of NYC Independent School student, June 2012


OnCall App

I cofounded a marketplace for community-based immediate tutoring (à la Uber for tutors) called OnCall. We're fully incorporated and planning on launching (with Web/iOS native apps) to university campus by finals season (late Q4 2014). Links and more info coming soon after launch!


I've been involved in cofounding a platform for connecting politicians to their constituents. Originally conceived as part of an entrepreneurship class, we've received preliminary backing from angel investors, and are currently working to launch in limited beta by Q1 2015. Links to the product, docs, and more info will be released after our initial launch.

Daily Programmer

"Daily Programmer" was a code golf-style personal project in which at least one new coding exercise was completed every two days, with each exercise implemented in a different programming language in order to practice in using and rapidly switching between a variety of mainstream programming languages. Challenges selected from Reddit Daily Programmer Challenges (r/DailyProgrammer). Languages were (semi) randomly selected from Java, Python, C, Bash, OCaml, PHP, Perl, Javascript, and MATLAB. The Git repo for this project can be found here.


I contributed to writing a new programming language called SPWAG, which aims to combine HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into a single and simple language. In SPWAG, the typical webapp building blocks of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are abstracted into simple "box" elements, with attributes for styling and scripting. As a result, the developer can spend more time focusing on the content and layout of the website, with SPWAG itself handling cross‐browser compatibility, graceful degradation, and other technical considerations. The language itself was implemented in OCaml (the Git repo can be found here)

Simulating Black Hole Collisions

During the summer, I worked as a research assistant with renowned theoretical astrophysicist Janna Levin to assist her in an ongoing effort to model variable-condition binary black hole collisions. The main premise behind her research is that as black holes come together, they warp the fabric of space, causing gravitational waves to be emitted, which can be recorded as resonant sounds here on Earth. My contribution to the modeling effort involved primarily the Mathematica computational platform, using FFmpeg to automatedly generate audio/visual simulations (a few of which can be seen here).

Simulating Pin-to-Plate NanoSpark Discharge

I designed & programmed a computer model in Mathematica to simulate nano-scale spark discharge for enhancing cosmic ray detector precision. This independent research project was completed in conjunction with WPI Center for Computational NanoScience.

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